New! Online Option for Graduate Studies

What if you could study master’s level courses in the convenience of your home and context of your ministry?

Summit Pacific College has invested in technology that offers a real-time online classroom experience for School of Graduate Studies students who cannot attend a class in person.

This platform delivers a learning experience in which online students can engage in discussions with a professor and class, and receive slides as well as “white board” presentations simultaneously with other students.

This delivery format is referred as a “hybrid” model.

A student enrolls in the class like everyone else, engages with the learning material and assignments as others in the class, but is present in the class sessions via video conference.

In short, an online student misses very little of the dynamics of the classroom experience.

 The Summit School of Graduate Studies currently offers two certificates, each consisting of five courses.

The CERTIFICATE IN STUDIES IN PENTECOSTAL THEOLOGY explores the rich world of Pentecostal theology and will enhance the student’s understanding of contemporary perspectives. 

The CERTIFICATE IN NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONAL LEADERSHIP provides a strong foundation for future and current leaders in the nonprofit sector, with a focus on institutional leadership.  

For more information about graduate courses and programs go to  You can also contact to the Graduate Studies Office ( for more information.


Josh Reynolds