Students can choose either the Studies in Pentecostal Theology or the Non-Profit Organizational Leadership certificate program. Both are the same in size (15 credits in total) and level (masters), but their orientations are distinctive from each other leading to different sets of outcomes.


Graduate Certificate in Studies in Pentecostal Theology

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Courses (3 credits each):

BIBE 500 – Theory and Application of Biblical Interpretation
BIBE 501 – Contemporary and Pentecostal Approaches to Biblical Texts

THEO 502 – Pentecostal Pastoral Theology
THEO 503 – Pentecostal Distinctives/Luke-Acts
THEO 504 – Canadian Pentecostal History
THEO 505 – Pentecostal Preaching in Post-Christian Context

Upon completion of this program the student shall be able to:

  • demonstrate the knowledge and skills of five core areas (Hermeneutics, Pastoral Theology, Pentecostal Distinctives, Pentecostal History, and Communication) that are required for credentialing within the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada;

  • demonstrate competency of Pentecostal theology, issues, practices and views at an advanced level;

  • exhibit confidence to make an original contribution to Pentecostal theology and praxis;

  • undertake research projects, articulate and argue for one’s position, and demonstrate the ability to communicate one’s research findings to professional colleagues and laymen;

  • perform in an academic manner within academia, translating academic knowledge and experience in a suitable way for church ministry contexts;

  • critically assess theological ideas and positions as well as hermeneutical approaches and practices;

  • use historical, traditional and theological knowledge to understand current trends in Pentecostal issues; and

  • undertake further study at the graduate level in the field of Bible & theology and/or a Christian ministry related field.

Other courses beyond the core courses of the Graduate Certificate in Studies in Pentecostal Theology are offered, such as:

THEO 615 Pentecostalism and Pneumatology in Global Perspective (3 cr.)
BIBE 612 Studies in Pauline Writings: Doctrine and Spirit for Today’s Church (3 cr.)
BIBE 611 Gospel of John: Exegetical Study for Theology and Preaching (3 cr.)


Graduate Certificate in Non-Profit Organizational Leadership


Courses (3 credits each):

NPOL 511 – Strategy & Principles for Leading NPOL Organizations
NPOL 512 – Financial Management for NPOL: Fund Principles & Practices
NPOL 513 – NPOL Human Resource Management
NPOL 514 – Business and Mission and Social Entrepreneurship
NPOL 515 – NPOL Project Integration

Upon completion of this certificate the student shall be able to:

  • demonstrate development of a thoughtful personal philosophy of service which is cognizant of contemporary culture and a Christian worldview;

  • demonstrate an understanding of a Christian view of service and the need for practical, theoretical and effective administrative skill in managing organizations;

  • demonstrate a holistic understanding of vocational Christian service in institutions;

  • demonstrate competence in leadership and relational communication skills;

  • demonstrate an understanding of institutional management systems, mission statement, strategy formation, planning, principles of governance, human resource issues and financial matters;

  • demonstrate Christian character, integrity and spiritual gifting for administrative leadership.

Online Options

Students may study on campus or opt to participate in the live class via video conference.

A student enrolls in the class like everyone else, engages with the learning material and assignments as others in the class, but is present in the class sessions via video conference.

An online student misses very little of the dynamics of the classroom experience.